Cry Out to God

International stories of chaos and crisis.

Natural disasters leaving a wake of destruction.

A country still divided over so much.

The reality of death.

The pain of loss.

The heartache of crime.

Lingering injustices.

Communities screaming at each other.

Families that no longer speak.

Children losing their childhoods.


Too much to think about?  Almost.

Worth lamenting?  Absolutely.

Too big for God?  No. 

Let us then with confidence draw near to the throne of grace, that we may receive mercy and find grace to help in time of need.

– Hebrews 4:16

Our confidence is not in us. Our confidence is in the work of our great King Jesus. Our confidence is in the unimaginable access we have to the God of the universe because of Christ’s work for us.

Our confidence is in the love that fuels it all.

Our confidence is that our cries are heard and our prayers matter.

Our confidence is in the sovereign God who is decidedly not overwhelmed by the brokenness of this world. Saddened, yes. But never overwhelmed.


It’s time, again, to pray big, bold prayers.


Pray for those in Afghanistan.

For our troops and leaders. For the Afghani people now facing a storm of violence.

Pray for protection from harm and from despair.

Pray that the light of God shines in dark and oppressive places.

Pray for hope.


Pray for those in Haiti trying to survive yet another ordeal.

Earthquakes, soul-crushing poverty, political unrest.

Pray for those who feel so alone and out of options.

Pray for protection from harm and from despair.

Pray that the love of God finds people in tangible ways that heal.


Pray for those in the path of the next tropical storm.


Pray for our country—our leaders, our cities, our children.

Pray for protection from harm and from despair and from hopelessness.


May God show us in these times how to endure faithfully, but also to love outrageously and how to cry out to Him.

Pray fervently.

Pray boldly.

Pray humbly.

Pray out loud.

Pray with each other.

Pray often.

Pray as the Holy Spirit brings something or someone to mind.

Pray through tears.

Pray with faith.

Pray with action.

Pray in moments of joy and relief and gratitude.

Pray for opportunities to get involved as you learn more.

Pray for your church (and get involved as God leads).

Pray for organizations already at work in these places (and get involved as God leads).



World Vision – Haiti 2021 Relief   Afghanistan 2021 Relief

Living Water International – Haiti 2021 Relief

Help One Now – Haiti 2021 Relief

Convoy of Hope – Haiti 2021 Relief 

Lamia Afghan Foundation 

World Relief – Haiti 2021 Relief   Afghanistan 2021 Relief

World Help – Afghanistan 2021 Relief


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