Highlights from Season 2


Ep 15: Alpha Course, the Future of Evangelism, and Embracing the Down-and-Out Approach

Nicky Gumbel – Pioneer of The Alpha Course and Vicar of Holy Trinity Brompton


  • The struggles and opportunities of evangelism in a post-Covid world
  • Creating safe places for people to come and ask questions about faith and life
  • The global movement of Alpha

Ep 16: A Holocaust Story

Karen Treiger – author of My Soul is Filled with Joy: A Holocaust Story


  • The profound story of her family, Esther and Sam Goldberg who despite all odds, survived and fell in love during the Holocaust
  • The power of friendship and hospitality
  • The dangers of treating other people as less than human

Ep 17: When Things Don’t Go As Planned

Thane Marcus Ringler – former professional golfer
  • Navigating career changes and finding your calling
  • The unique pressures put on Millennials
  • How to be present and live intentionally in whatever stage of life you’re currently in

Relationship Daily Double, Part 1

Toni Nieuwhof – family law mediator and author of Before You Split: What You Really Want for the Future of Your Marriage


  • What couples should know before pursuing divorce
  • Practical advice for navigating the highs and lows of marriage
  • What to do when you feel disconnected from your spouse

Relationship Daily Double, Part 2

Emerson Eggerichs – Author of Love and Respect


  • Practical tools on how to better navigate conflict with your spouse
  • How to better understand your spouse through a Biblical lens

Ep 18: Turning Poverty and Prison into a Purpose-Driven Life

Andre Norman – motivational speaker and creator of the Academy of Hope


  • His story of going from being a death row prisoner to an agent of change
  • How to break the cycle and forge a new life path

19: Do Miracles Exist Today?

Dr. Craig Keener – New Testament scholar and author of Miracles and Miracles Today


  • Dr. Keeners story of being an atheist to a Christian
  • Modern evidence of miracles
  • Common questions people have about God at work in the modern-world

Ep: 20 – Redeeming Your Time: Be Purposeful, Present, and Wildly Productive

Jordan Raynor – author of Redeeming Your Time


  • How to approach the work-life balance in a new, Biblical way
  • The importance of bringing your best and pursuing excellence in all you do
  • Warning signs of burnout and unhealthy boundaries

Bonus: Talking to Kids About Faith, Diversity, and Being Made in the Image of God

Trillia Newbell – author of Creative God, Colorful Us and God’s Very Good Idea


  • The intersection of faith, life, and family
  • Equipping families to have conversations about diversity, includison, and God’s plan for His people

Ep 21: Be a Force for Life in a Culture of Suicide

Dr. Matthew Sleeth – former emergency room physician, author of Hope Always


  • Tools and advice for people who are struggling with depression and suicidal thoughts
  • Biblical insight into how to move into conversations with hope
  • How churches and organizations can become part of the solution

Ep 22: Ending Homelessness with 3D Printers and Bitcoin

Josh Young – New Story Charity


  • The current global housing crisis
  • Leveraging cutting-edge technology to serve people around the world
  • The unique work of New Story Charity

Ep 23: To Be Seen and Known

Gloria Umanah – Founder/Executive Director of the Ex-Nihilo Collective


  • Raising up high capacity creatives
  • The Hope Booth movement
  • Reaching people that feel invisible or forgotten

Bonus: Concerts for Hope

Eric Genuis – composer and musician


  • Concerts for Hope, a unique musical experience
  • Using music to share beauty and inspiration with unlikely audiences

Ep 24: Crypto for Beginners

Daniel Hwang – Special Projects Lead at F2Pool and Head of Protocols at stakefish


  • The building blocks of what cryptocurrency is and the ways it can be used for social good
  • Beginner definitions of terms like blockchain, decentralization, Bitcoin, and more

Ep 25: What Place Does Scripture Have in My Life?

Raechel Myers – CEO/Founder of She Reads Truth, He Reads Truth, and Kids Read Truth


  • The current struggles of Christians and a lack of Biblical literacy
  • Encouragement and steps to take on how to better incorporate Scripture into your everyday life
  • The importance of community
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