Encourage One Another

DIS-COURAGED: to be deprived or drained of courage or confidence or heart.

Ever felt that way? You could fill in the blank on some society-wide issue that has you concerned, or it could be something so private only a few know about it. But the heart, the courage feels like it’s been drained out of us, and sometimes we wonder if we’ll find our way back to community, to joy, to life.

This is not a new thing. No wonder the New Testament is full of instructions like these:

That word ‘unwholesome’ isn’t just about not using certain words around Grandma (that’s always a good start). But the word here means something that is rotten, putrefying, decaying.

The words coming out of our mouths about another person or issue, shouldn’t reek of something rotten. Instead, they should be helpful. We should use words that build up another.

Okay, this verse is even more to the point.

There it is: we are to be EN-COURAGERS. 

We are called to be the kind of people that stir up hope, ignite courage, heart, and passion in someone else.

What does that look like these days when many of us are still feeling disconnected and socially distant?

I have an idea, but I’m warning you, this will go against some of your current habits: I want you to consider writing a note. Not typing one or texting one or leaving a voicemail or email (even though all of those are good things).

But picking up a pen and paper and encouraging someone else.

I know it’s antiquated and inefficient and some of you are rolling your eyes at me like I’m asking you to go get a quill pen and dip it in the inkwell to write upon the parchment…

(No, not that).

But I’m asking you to consider an intentional act that will take time. Time to think about and pray for someone else, time to write out your thoughts, time to find an envelope and stamp, time to then send that letter out.

Of all the things we could do, I think starting a movement of encouraging one another makes so much sense these days.

Let’s see what God does when loving words and genuine delight flow straight from one heart to another. Let’s use words that are full of hope and light. And let’s not just do it when it’s convenient. Let’s get into the habit of championing others. And along the way, watch how God begins to heal our own hearts. I need this. You need this. I guarantee our world is in desperate need for this too. 

So, in a world that sometimes feels like it’s sucking the life and confidence out of everyone, start a different trend. Love others well. Build them up. This is what it looks like to leave a legacy of encouragement.

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