Episode 14: Highlights from Season 1


Tori and I have a quick chat as we wrap up 2021 and Season 1 of A Godzillion & One. We look back on some of our favorite episodes, talk about the power of social media and sharing, and even give away a few teasers on what to expect for Season 2. Our team would like to thank you, our listeners, who joined in for this ride. We hope these interviews helped to encourage, challenge, and inspire you to think bigger and to notice the shockingly and seemingly endless ways to connect this world and the God who made it all.
Season 2 coming early 2022.


Did you enjoy this season or learn something new? I hope so! My goal is to bring on guests that help encourage, challenge, and inform us about life. The best way to support the show is to rate the podcast on Apple Podcasts or Spotify, leave a brief review, and then share the episode with a friend.



Ep 1: How to Live an Inspired Life

John O’Leary – NYT best-selling author of In Awe and On Fire


  • John’s story of growing up and the accident that left him with 1% change of survival
  • What it means to Live Inspired
  • How to bring encouragement and hope into your business

Ep 2: Different – A Great Thing to Be

Heather Avis – Founder of A Lucky Few


  • Shifting the narratives around Down syndrome and adoption
  • Creating a more inclusive and loving world
  • Embracing and celebrating our differences

Ep 3: Build a Community, Not a Business

Jeff Henderson – Entrepreneur and author of Know What You’re FOR


  • Transforming our businesses into people-centric centers
  • What every business leader should be doing in a post-2020 world
  • The leadership lesson to become the best company in the world

Ep 4: A Journey Through Grief

Jonathan Pitts – Executive Pastor at Church of the City-Franklin


  • Navigating the unexpected loss of a spouse
  • How to find hope in the middle of the storm

Ep 5: Bridging the Divide Between Faith and Science

Rev. Dr. Lucas Mix – Astrobiologist, NASA consultant, and Project Coordinator at ECLAS


  • The intersection of science and religion
  • What sci-fi can teach us about our relationships
  • Is there evidence for the existence of extraterrestrial life

Ep 6: At Home with the Holders 

Greg and Robin Holder


  • A candid conversation with the Holders about family, marriage, and ministry
  • Answering listener questions

Ep 7: Intentional Fathers and Creating Generational Change

Jon Tyson – pastor of Church of the City NYC and author of The Intentional Father


  • Lessons learned in fatherhood
  • How to become a more intentional parent
  • The unique challenges and opportunities facing Gen Z

Ep 8: What a Songwriter can teach us about creative Collaboration

Elle Limebear – UK songwriter and worship leader


  • The unique process of creative collaboration and submitting to others feedback
  • Following God’s unlikely call

Bonus: The Collective Trauma of a Pandemic

Dr. Dan Allender and Cathy Loerzel – authors of Redeeming Heartache


  • Practical wisdom on how to move forward in a post-pandemic world
  • How to find hope after experiencing loss, trauma, and relational struggles

Ep 9: Becoming a Reconciling Community

David Bailey – Executive Director of Arrabon


  • The differences between diverse communities and reconciled communities
  • Healing divides and bridging gaps through collaboration

Ep 10: How Does a Christian Navigate Bioethics?

Dr. Matthew Eppinette – Executive Director of The Center for Bioethics and Human Dignity


  • How to enter into conversations with grace, humility, and a worldview that is rooted in Christ
  • Is it ok for Christians to talk about issues like transhumanism, vaccines, end of life care, and emerging medical technologies

Ep 11: Art + Faith

Makoto Fujimura – Contemporary painter and author of Art + Faith


  • How to enter into conversations with grace, humility, and a worldview that is rooted in Christ
  • Can Christians talk about topics like transhumanism, vaccines, end of life care, and emerging medical technologies

Ep 12: All Things Enneagram

Jenn Jett Barrett – Founder of The Well Summit and Enneagram coach


  • The origins of the Enneagram tool
  • How to use this tool for good and the warnings on how it can be misused or overused

Bonus: How to Pray – A Simple Guide for Normal People

Pete Greig – Founder of the 24-7 Prayer Movement and author of How to Pray


  • How to create a meaningful prayer routine
  • The importance of prayer in the Advent season

Ep 13: Christmas with the Holders – An Advent Conspiracy Special

Greg and Robin Holder ft. Mike Mantel and Paulo Henrique


  • The history and legacy of the Advent Conspiracy movement
  • How to create a more joyful Christmas through the four tenets
  • Stories of the impact of Advent Conspiracy
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