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The world is fractured. Tensions are high, patience is low, and goodwill is hard to come by. In The Genius of One, author and pastor Greg Holder reminds us of the high value Jesus and his early followers placed on community and offers guidance for how to see and relate to one another in emotionally and spiritually healthy ways so that we, the church, can fulfill Jesus’ prayer for us and model a better way of loving one another in a fractured world.

Tracing back to a prayer Jesus prayed on the worst night of his life, “That they”―that we―“would be one,” Holder takes his readers on a winding journey from that glorious prayer to the practical realities of everyday life. For those who cling to the hope that God is still at work, this book will both stir a deeper longing for a better way and provide practical steps toward that way.

  • "This compelling book will help you celebrate Jesus’ call to reveal himself by the way we relate."

    DAN B. ALLENDER, Ph.D. Professor of Counseling Psychology & Founding President of The Seattle School of Theology and Psychology
  • "This book not only envisions the possibilities of what we are called to be as one body, but Holder gives us colorful pictures and practical nuts and bolts of how we can be the answer to Jesus' prayer of true oneness."

    DR. DAVID ANDERSON Author of "Gracism: The Art of Inclusion"
  • "In The Genius of One, you’ll enjoy Greg’s humor and his humility, but your greatest takeaway will be how your influence and leadership in embracing our oneness in Christ is the first step toward changing the world."

    RICHARD STEARNS President of World Vision U.S. and author of "The Hole in Our Gospel"


Greg Holder


Greg Holder is Lead Pastor of The Crossing in St. Louis, a contributing writer to The Voice translation of the Bible, and co-author of Advent Conspiracy.

The Genius of One is his first break-out writing project, based on a topic that Greg has been invited to share with pastors and leaders across the globe–this idea that the oneness of God changes the way that we, as Christians, live in the world.


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