Greg lives in Wildwood, MO with his wife, Robin. Together they raised two daughters who are now married and live in the St. Louis area.


From the time of his early childhood, Greg Holder was given unique opportunities to share his gift of teaching concepts in new and interesting ways. His teachers and peers noticed his ability to bring fresh insight and relevancy to his audience. Never satisfied with the status quo, Greg pushed the boundaries of traditional methods to make the subject matter come alive.  After receiving a degree in Psychology and a graduate degree in Counseling, he eventually moved from private practice to overseeing the regional operations of a nationally known treatment and counseling center.

But God continued to pull Greg into the local church where his gifts could be utilized. In 1997, he accepted the position of lead pastor at The Crossing, a small startup church in the St. Louis area with less than 100 people. Now, over 20 years later, The Crossing has grown to 4 campuses with over 10,000 weekend attenders. But the impact has grown outside of St. Louis as well.

Greg co-created Advent Conspiracy, a global initiative challenging churches and individuals to celebrate Christmas with simplicity while giving outrageously to those in need. He was also a contributing writer for The Voice, a new translation of scripture.

Greg speaks at a variety of conferences and churches around the world about leadership and culture. Visit the partners page to read more about the local and global organizations Greg partners with.

His latest book The Genius of One, is about healthy culture—why it matters and how to get there.

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