Let’s talk about antidotes.  You know, something that counteracts a poison or a disease. I still need to get to the bottom of this one: is the antidote to a jellyfish sting really urine?  I [...]


One night in Managua, Nicaragua, it was my honor to stay in the home of a very generous family in an extremely impoverished part of the city.  The meal my host served of black beans and warm [...]

Big Things

Take a stroll with me down memory-lane, will you?  Depending on your age, these will hit you differently.  These are (ready for it?) highlights from the top Christmas gift-crazes since the 80’s.


Years ago, when one my girls was four years old, I was working on a project at our house, repairing the steps to our basement.  And she was sitting next to me, watching.

Wonder, pt. 2

We could learn from the experts on this topic. You know, on the topic of wonder. We could learn from those who are still surprised and amazed on a regular basis.  The, well, not-old.  Kids. [...]


What’s the most comforting sound you can imagine? The sound of waves crashing on the shore? The crackle of a campfire? Rain on a window? Whatever your answer, I’ll bet yours was different than mine. 

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