In The Genius of One, author and pastor Greg Holder reminds us of the high value Jesus and his early followers placed on community and offers guidance for how to see and relate to one another in emotionally and spiritually healthy ways so that we, the church, can fulfill Jesus’ prayer for us and model a better way of loving one another in a fractured world.

The Genius of One Book Cover
Greg Holder

About Greg

Greg Holder is a pastor, teacher, author, and gifted speaker.  You’ll notice that easily by looking around this site.  But pick up one of his books, or listen to him unpack the ancient truths of scripture and you’ll quickly realize he’s not just a speaker with a unique gift.

Greg is passionate about the local church and how God designed us to thrive in healthy community.  His leadership and influence has taken him around the globe, helping communities, churches, pastors and leaders work towards spiritual, relational, and physical health.


The Crossing Church

Rooted in Scripture.
Culturally engaged.
Deeply personal.


These words have been used to describe The Crossing, a fast-growing church in the St. Louis area where Greg serves as lead pastor.

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